How to set up an online sale



Before you can start setting up an online sale you'll have to ensure a few things first

Steps to set up an online sale

Once the preconditions have been fulfilled, the following steps need to be performed to set up a sale:

  1. Log in to the fundraising app
  2. Create a sale
  3. Manage your sale
    3.1 Configure the selection mode
    3.2 Set the revenue account
    3.3 Set the allowed payment methods
    3.4 Configure the delivery slots
    3.5 Customize the order confirmation message
  4. Offer products for sale
  5. Put the sale on your website
  6. Open the sale
  7. Sit back and watch the money roll in

1. Log in to the fundraising app

Navigate to the fundraising app and sign in.

2. Create a sale

Once signed in, navigate to Sales and click the + sign of the sales list.

Enter a name for your sale and click submit.

As it is very likely that your club will run the same type of sale again in the upcoming years, it is a good idea to include the your in the name of your sale.

Should you have run the same type of sale before, you can also run the sale again by locating the previous edition in the list and select Run sale again underneath the caret, next to the Details button. This will not only create a new sale, but will also copy over any relevant information from the previous edition.

3. Manage your sale

Locate your sale in the list and select Manage underneath the caret, next to the Details button.

This will bring you to the management page of the sale where you can manage many aspects of the online sale.

3.1 Configure the selection mode

On the Allow multiple selections per order pane you can choose whether to allow ordering many products at once (the default), or whether each product should be ordered individually.

3.2 Set the revenue account

On the right hand side, underneath the selection mode toggle you can find a pencil which allows you to set the revenue account where the proceeds for this sale will be sent to.

Click on the pencil icon, select your revenu account and click submit.

This pane will now update by reflecting the total amount received with this revenue account in the past.

3.3 Set the allowed payment methods

Underneath the revenue account pane, you will find a toggle for each allowed payment methods. To allow a given payment method turn on the respective toggle. Currently we allow the following payment methods:

  • Bancontact (Requires immediate fulfillment)
  • Credit Card (Requires immediate fulfillment)
  • Wiretransfer (to be fulfilled prior to the delivery)
  • Cash (to be fulfilled at delivery)
  • Payconiq (to be fulfilled at delivery)

3.4 Configure the delivery slots

Underneath the payment methods there is a pane use to configure the delivery slots. These slots define how, when and where the goods can be picked up or consumed.

First select the delivery type, options are:

  • Comes for dinner
  • Take away
  • Home delivery

The select the delivery date, from hour and to hour.

Finally enter the address information of the location where the delivery will happen, for home delivery you can leave the address blank.

Click submit.

Repeat these steps for each delivery slot you may organize.

3.5 Customize the order confirmation message

In the pane below the delivery slots, you can find the messages that will be sent out after a buyer has placed an order.

Click on the pencil icon, next to the order confirmation message to edit its properties.

In the Title field, fill out the subject of the confirmation message, e.g. Name of your sale: Confirmation of your order

In the Reply to field, add an email address where people can reply to with questions.

In the Link to pdf version, enter the uri of the page on your website where the order confirmation can be downloaded. Ensure to pass in the o query string parameter which contains the order id in the following way{0}

The Send message only after payment toggle can be enabled to only sent out the confirmation message after the payment has been confirmed. Only use this option if you have limited the allowed payment methods to those that require immediate payment (Bancontact & Credit Card), otherwise no confirmation message will be sent out for the other payment methods.

In the Parts of the confirmation message section, you can set the text parts that make up the actual confirmation message.

Thank you message: Set a small thank you message, e.g. Thank you very much for your order.
Welcome message: Set a message about when and where you will welcome them to deliver the goods. You can use place holders {0} and {1} for the selected delivery slots. E.g. We welcome you on sunday February 19th 2023 from {0} to {1} at name of your delivery location.
Delivery instructions: Consider to add any instructions that the buyer needs to adhere to during the delivery. E.g. parking in a certain location, wearing a mask or bringing containers to hold the goods.
Support message: Repeat here who they can contact in case of questions, most likely including the email added to the reply to field.
See you message: To finalize the confirmation message, repeat that you will see them at the event.

Click submit.

4. Offer products for sale

Before you change the status of the sale, it's best to offer your products first.

On the left hand side, locate Items for sale and click the + sign.

In the Catalog dropdown, select the catalog where the product has been defined.

In the Collection dropdown, select the collection where the product belongs to.

In the Item dropdown, select the the product which you want to offer.

On the Price section, select the Currency and enter the amount for which the product will be sold.

Optionally you can limit the number of orders for this item if relevant by selecting the Limit orders checkbox and providing a Minimum and Maximum value.

Repeat this step for each product you wish to offer in this sale.

4.1 Made a mistake?

No worries, this happens to all of us.

Under the caret on the right hand side of a product you can choose to archive the offer, change the price or change the order limit again.

5. Put the sale on your website

At the bottom of the page you can find the code to put the sale on your website.

It is advised to have an individual page for each sale, and another page to show the order confirmation on the location that the Link to pdf version field of the order confirmation was pointing to.

Now copy the <script> tag to both these pages.

Put the <clubmgmt-purchase-order-wizard> tag on the individual sales page.

And the <clubmgmt-purchase-order-pdf> on the order confirmation page.

6. Open the sale

The sale is now ready to be opened.

To do so, navigate to the Status pane and click the pencil icon.

Set the start time that the sale will be opened, and the end time that the sale will be closed.

You can omit the latter by selecting the Date unknown checkbox to close the sale at a later time.

7. Sit back and watch the money roll in

Now it's time to relax, sit back and follow up the orders until the sale closes.

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